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Standard browser, smart phone, tablet or large screen - Zone1 delivers a fantastic user experience.

Responsive Web Design

Retailers need to provide an optimal web experience for people using a smartphone or tablet

Over half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices; mobile optimisation is no longer an option. It's a necessity!

Mobile commerce accounts for around 30% of online and there is a constant flow of industry reports and surveys which point out that consumers prefer using tablets or other mobile devices to research products and shop.

Looking further ahead it is clear to us that this consumer preference for the convenience of smartphones and tablets is very much part of the future of retailing. The recently published mobile commerce forecast from Forrester estimates that 49 per cent of all European online sales will come from mobile devices by 2018.

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Zone1 for mobile

Nobody wants to struggle viewing a website designed for a desktop computer on their mobile device!

A simpler design means faster and easier browsing for people using touch screens on their mobile and tablets.

Recent industry reports show that responsive sites which adapt to the user’s device do better in search engines, such as Google, than having separate browser and mobile versions of a site. This is why we overhauled Zone1.

Zone1 is now a fully featured responsive ecommerce platform, Ecco was our first client to upgrade, but since they went live in 2014, we have added many more!

Zone1 for tablets

The tablet market is booming. More and more people are browsing the internet from the comfort of their sofas.

Our Zone1 ecommerce platform can be used on tablets. The responsive design allows us to create an optimal experience on all sizes of screens including tablets such as the iPad.

If you would like to discuss a new mobile website for your business please call on 01460 258530 or email us here.

zone1 for tablets

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