Search Engine Optimisation

When you were 16 you probably wanted to be number one and perform on TOTP

Even if you've let that particular teen dream go, it's been replaced by the same burning desire to be No.1 in Google and you're not alone.

SEO is vital - and we are guessing that if you're reading this you'll know why. Being first means that you get more visibility, more clicks, more conversions and more profit. It's a no brainer!

We offer our clients SEO and for that matter PPC services.

Put simply SEO is about quality - good quality website design and build so all your pages (even the ones a few layers down) get Googled.

SEO is about quality keyword and phrase selection coupled with appropriate use of these keywords and phrases in the text and page title tags of your web pages.

It's an ongoing programme to build links from quality sites which are relevant to your pages. Links (incoming and also internal) improve page rank - page rank informs where your site appears in the pecking order for the keywords and phrase you are competing on.

The above will help you get Googled - but remember real people decide which sites to look at. To ensure conversion - getting relevant visitors to your site, thought needs to be given to your description tags (the words that appear in Google search results - they should 'sell' the page) and obviously so should the design and layout of the pages the visitor lands on. The page should be interesting and relevant to the search.


SEO specialist

Evaluate and optimise

SEO is a forensic science. Our skilled practitioners are constantly evaluating data, discerning patterns and trends and making subtle changes to websites to nudge the search engine positions and conversion rates in the right direction.

At Iconography our SEO specialists work closely with the website designers to achieve optimal results for our clients.

  • Hands-on management by dedicated experts
  • Advanced reporting with insight and recommendations
  • In-depth analysis including user-journeys and creative testing
  • Continuous search engine algorithm research to optimize approach
  • All work is tracked and accountable against targets


TOTP - Top of the Pops, the nation’s weekly fix of popular music. Still sadly missed by all at Iconography.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - the natural way.

PPC - Pay Per Click.

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