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First impressions count

Your website is often the first impression of your business many people will get. It is important your online presence conveys a professional image. Don't put potential customers off with a poor looking website.

Iconography has a team of web designers who can take your ideas and make them into a creative design that works hard for your business.

Designing for the Web and designing for print are two very different disciplines. We have been designing for the Web since 1997 and we know what it takes to create a good looking and more importantly, a usable Website.



Designing for the user

Good web design is more than just making a site look pretty. A great looking Website is useless if no one can use it.

Good web design is all about how the site works and how easy it is for the user to achieve what they want to do.

A good design needs to be technically sound, adhere to web standards, be flexible enough to work across different devices, screen sizes and browsers, and also be able to adapt to changing content.


Good design = Usable design

Website design also has a number of conventions that the user expects to see. For example, links are usually underlined; therefore you should never underline something that isn't a link. Also, the user expects to see the company logo in the top left corner and the search box in the top right.

Accessibility is another important element of web design. Would the design still work if the user was colour blind for example? Would a visually impaired user with a screen reader be able to consume your content? We do our best to ensure our Websites meet W3C standards.

A good design should...

  • Convey a clear message
  • Have clean, well structured HTML codeBe easy to navigate
  • Adhere to web standards
  • Be accessible to all users
  • Include obvious "Calls to action"
  • Be consistent with your corporate brand
  • Not use Comic Sans!

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