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Alan Ward is a brilliant success story.

“We chose to work with Iconography due to their extensive background and experience within the furniture industry”
- Sam Johnson - Alan Ward

The team were finding Magento a hindrance as the required third-party integrations were unusable. The way Magento was displaying product data pulled from X-Margin wasn’t user-friendly, due to the limitations of both the eCommerce platform and X-Margin. Alan Ward was unable to change the way products were displayed on the website, which was extremely frustrating. 

We were able to offer them the perfect solution. Streamlining the back-end process by developing a robust integration for their third-party programs, X-Margin and FRS, then integrating into our enterprise-level eCommerce platform. This then allowed Alan Ward greater flexibility and control of how their products are displayed. Utilising FRS, we also created a better customer navigation as X-Margin previously only allowed for two levels of categories. 

The new website and integrations have proven very successful, greatly reducing data errors and increasing efficiency across the business. 

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Their success is driven by the teams’ continual push to improve their website, adding new features to benefit the customer's experience, which is paying dividends. Comparing year on year sales figures, through the eCommerce platform alone, they have had a significant increase.

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