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Moving from eBay to eCommerce

Beyond alternative marketplaces

We're proud to report that Zone1 stepped up to the challenge. Not only did it allow Kustom Bikes to centralise their stock and consolidate their listings, it even tied the website into their pre-existing listings. 

So often, new solutions operate on a fresh start policy; they work brilliantly, but erase everything that came before. Zone1 made use of existing listings so Kustom Bikes could enjoy the benefits of a solid integration, without losing the search authority of their existing pages on Amazon and eBay. 

The next step was Google Shopping and marketing under our Agency Plus program. With Zone1 as the foundation, Iconography are successfully driving traffic and conversions on the website.

  • Agency PlusAgency Plus
  • Fast MovingFast Moving
  • MultichannelMultichannel

Today, the website performs beautifully and gives Kustom Bikes a perfect springboard into the next step of their evolution; making the most of a professional eCommerce website. 

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