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Pint365 are tapping into the Direct to Consumer market


For trade, we created a different customer journey in keeping with the original Masons branding, to make the two frontends visually different. An essential aspect of this side of the website was for existing Mason customers were still able to access their account, see previous order history and place orders going forward. This created a seamless transition between the old and new website.

As trade customers tend to order higher volumes of products, we were able to add price breaks on selected products. The unit price is automatically reduced at specific intervals as more and more are ordered.

B2B transactions are slightly different to retail, so the trade site allows ‘pay on account’ function, where the customer can order products, and pay on their usual payment terms.

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For the retail side of the website, we created a bespoke subscription option. Not only can customers purchase a one-off beer for the pump system, they can subscribe to receive regular deliveries at intervals specified by the customer, straight to the doorstep.

Pint365 - Retail Homepage
Masons Trade Homepage