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An industry leading website that has taken the eCommerce arm of the business to the next level.

“We wanted a fully responsive website but also wanted the peace of mind of being able to pick up the phone and speak to real people if we ever had any problems or questions, and that peace of mind is exactly what we now have.”
- Jade

Each of Wychanger's three sites had to operate independently. That was a must. Still, for simplicity, they also had to share crucial information; pricing and stock being paramount. 

So, we gave them a single CMS. That means that they have multiple websites powered by a single database. This keeps the important information uniform accross each one, but also allows for site specific imagery and descriptions.

With a link to eBay, they are now tracking sales from a fourth marketplace, in addition to the three websites and their pop up stores at all of the important equine and eventing shows. An omnichannel website for an omnichannel company. 

  • eBay IntegrationeBay Integration
  • 3 Websites3 Websites
  • 1 CMS1 CMS