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Responsive Web Design

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First impressions count

Iconography has a team of web designers who can take your ideas and make them into a creative design that works hard for your business.

We understand that designing for the Web and designing for print are two very different disciplines. We have been designing for the Web since 1997 and we know what it takes to create an impressive impact online; a website that stands out for the quality of the design and the simplicity of its use.

Designing for the user
Designing for the user

Good web design is more than just making a site look pretty. A great looking Website is useless if no one can use it. A good design needs to be technically sound and be flexible enough to work across different devices, screen sizes and browsers, and also be able to adapt to changing content.

That’s why we test on a wide variety of different devices and platforms. We work extremely hard to combine usability with cutting edge style. Neither is any good without the other, so we always push for both!

Responsive Web Design

Retailers need to provide an optimal web experience for people using a smartphone or tablet

Over half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices; mobile optimisation is no longer an option. It's a necessity!

Mobile commerce accounts for around 30% of online sales and there is a constant flow of industry reports and surveys which highlight the new trend: that consumers prefer using tablets or other mobile devices to research products and shop.

Looking further ahead it is clear to us that this consumer preference for the convenience of smartphones and tablets is very much part of the future of retailing. The continually expanding marketshare of mobile devices is undeniable!

Your website is often the first impression of your business many people will get. It is important your online presence conveys a professional image.


Accessibility is another important element of web design. Would the design still work if the user was colour blind? Would a visually impaired user with a screen reader be able to consume your content? We do our best to ensure our Websites meet W3C standards.

eCommerce for mobile

Nobody wants to struggle viewing a website designed for a desktop computer on their mobile device! A simpler design means faster and easier browsing for people using touch screens on their mobile and tablets.

Recent industry reports show that responsive sites which adapt to the user’s device do better in search engines, such as Google, than having separate browser and mobile versions of a site.

Our eCommerce platform is a fully featured responsive system. ECCO Shoes was our first client to upgrade, way back in in 2014, but since then we have added many more! Every single website we make is responsive, following our commitment to creating industry leading website.

zone1 on mobile


eCommerce for tablets

The tablet market is booming. More and more people are browsing the internet from the comfort of their sofas.

Our eCommerce platform can be used on tablets. The responsive design allows us to create an optimal experience on all sizes of screens including tablets such as the iPad.

If you would like to discuss a new mobile website for your business please call on 01460 258530 or email us here.

eCommerce for desktops

It's not enough to have a website that works well on portable devices; the humble desktop still accounts for over half of all conversions.

Unlike some websites, Iconography eCommerce shows every user the same content. That means a customer on their mobile will immediately recognice the desktop site the same design ethos flows throughout the site. A truly seamless cross platform experience. 

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