In 2010 we built an eCommerce website for ECCO shoes. Six years and 100,000 orders later, they approached us to redesign their site.

Our original ECCO brief was to provide an online platform for just one of their stores. Their new site would have to be linked to over 50 locations nationwide.

We discussed their objectives and worked with them to update our Zone1 eCommerce platform. With that as a solid foundation, our developers set about fine tuning the system, streamlining its already easy to use content management system and sophisticated product catalogue, flexible promotions, search engine optimisation features, order processing, CRM and business reporting tools.

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ECCO Shoes

Zone1 has proven to be an excellent and flexible eCommerce platform for shoe retailing - for dedicated brand specialists such as ECCO and also retailers with a mix of clothing and footwear products such as department stores, country stores and equestrian retailers. Still, ECCO represented one of Iconography's biggest challenges; their network of stores is found across the country. They all had to be linked to their new system.

ECCO have enjoyed working with Iconography and the Zone 1 system keeps going from strength to strength. Its simplicity and ease of use are excellent, and it's also a strong conversion tool. Whether on desktop or mobile, the website works smoothly, responds quickly and brings in sales.

Today, each time the website receives an order, Zone1 allocates it to the customer's local store. Every location has access to its own bespoke version of Zone1, in which they can process orders, transfer stock and manage refunds while ECCO's customer service team can retain overall control through a central hub.

Zone1 has proven to be an excellent and flexible ecommerce platform for shoe retailing - for dedicated brand specialists such as ECCO and also retailers with a mix of clothing and footwear products such as department stores, country stores and equestrian retailers.

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ECCO on the go

In recent years we have produced mobile eCommerce sites and native apps; we are continually evolving Zone1 and offer a fully responsive eCommerce platform which automatically adapts to mobile devices and tablets.

Working with ECCO, we see the platform improving on an almost daily basis. Working collaboratively, we build on industry best practice, A/B testing and user feedback to continually improve the mobile experience.

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Fishpools are a large independent furniture retailer based in Waltham Cross and a leading member of the AIS Group.

When they joined Iconography in 2013, they already had an experienced ecommerce team in place and very high levels of expectation with specific eCommerce goals. We successfully matched Fishpools' initial brief and in October 2016, they commissioned us to complete a site wide redesign.

With major modifications to functionality, we knew that we had another challenging build in front of us; it had to be ready for the Boxing Day sales. Rising to the challenge, the Iconography team were able to provide a fully functioning site to Fishpools in under eight weeks. The site went live, on schedule, just two weeks later!

We were able to build on our earlier success to deliver a content led, dynamic eCommerce site.

This project was in many ways based on the client's desire to implement a true enterprise level ecommerce platform, packed full of the features leading ecommerce players expect. In addition to this we've built a real relationship based on collaboration, frequent communication and friendship.

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Fishpools Furniture

This project was all about User Experience and Multi-Channel retail. Fishpools already had an industry leading website; this project was about finesse.

Iconography and Swan have worked together to produce a multi-channel retail system and this is what we delivered for Fishpools. Our Zone1 ecommerce platform integrates seamlessly with Fishpools' systems; in-store, back office retail management and account software.

Iconography took on and delivered against our very challenging brief. We have found them quick to respond to our many questions and requests since the new site went live in Decemeber 2013 and we have a positive and productive working relationship.

Fishpools were already able to list complex products, but a full integration with Laser Finance gives them a whole new avenue for selling. In fact, Fishpools have already reported that they've seen higher average order values and increased conversion rates. Even better, by matching it to their quotation system, they allow their customers to complete a purchase online. Previously, those completions would have taken the full attention of a member of staff for up to 40 minutes!

Automation is the name of the game here. Wherever there was a way to save Fishpools tasks, we've set up an automatic process. Stock messages, Meta Titles, product overlays and mailing lists are all automated to reduce time and effort.

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Customer Experience

Across the site, we've worked with them to improve customer experience; everything is about encouraging a customer to convert a visit into a sale.

On the product page, a revamped option selector provides visitors with a wizard that walks them through selecting product options. From fabric colour to mattress tension, the website intuitively guides the Fishpools' customer through the process.

We have invested a large amount of design and development to improve Zone1 and we have successfully created an effective eCommerce platform capable of easily selling the most complicated products.

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Tripp are known to many as they are the luggage brand retailed in Debenhams.

We have worked with them for years - producing branded eCommerce sites for the UK and international market, along with mobile sites and apps.

As a highly professional retailer they have high expectations for their eCommerce sites and expect the best in terms of features, functions and service from us. They keep us on our toes!

The skills and experience gained and deployed to service a large retail client like Tripp benefit our smaller clients in niche sectors such as equestrian, snow sports and chandleries.

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Enterprise level eCommerce

Our Zone1 eCommerce platform has been integrated with Tripp's back office system (Microsoft Dynamics) to ensure a joined up and efficient retail operation which handles thousands of product lines and stock across web, several warehouse locations, store locations as well as a broader supply chain.

This highly efficient and automated system enables a small web team to manage a complex international eCommerce, logistics, fulfilment and warehouse operation.

Our communications have been immeasurably improved with the development and implementation of a new integrated eCommerce web design. Combining all our data sources has helped to bring down costs, provide increased data flexibility and improved customer services through enhanced digital marketing and promotional communications.

Zone1 has proven to be an excellent platform upon which to base Tripp's international expansion, providing language specific websites for the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Germany!

Zone1 has been flexed and scaled to enable Tripp to power of these European eCommerce sites from a single backend content management system.

Iconography look after all aspects of Tripp's eCommerce activity and provide on-going support and strategic advice as this global brand continues to grow their online business in the UK.

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Tripp on the go

Like all of our sites, Tripp now enjoy a responsive platform thatís optimised for easy management and simple selling. Even though their latest websites are all fully responsive, they decided to go one step further. Our developers have created fully functioning eCommerce apps for tablet and mobile. You can find them in the App Store and on Google Play.

Retailing continues to evolve and we look forward to staying at the vanguard as we continue to explore new approaches and possibilities in this new multi-channel age.

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We have recently launched our new website with Iconography with no problems, which is amazing for a site launch. The Iconography team have been so helpful, they have supported us with ideas, training and tips...

Jemma Upton, Aldiss

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