Selling with finance

Getting your customers to commit to a purchase can be difficult, so why not give them a way to spread the payments? It's hassle free, and can be a quick way to close those larger transactions.

Another Option

Buying products online is easy - that's one of the best things about a great website. It's so easy that the only stumbling block can be the price. 

After all, anyone can buy a book for £9.99, but does everyone have £1000 to spend on a sofa?

Big ticket items are a hard sell online.

With finance, you give your customers another option: one that will encourage them to increase their spend. 

The idea of Interest Free Credit isn’t a new one. We’ve all got store cards, leased cars on a credit scheme or paid monthly for our new sofas.

What’s less common is the art of selling finance online. It's not complicated, and is definitely worth your time!

One provider has really tracked the benefits to their customers:

  • Sales increased by up to 45%
  • Average order value up by 60%
  • Finance orders have made up 60% of total sales
  • Conversation rate increased by up to 60%

Selling online with Interest Free Credit is a simple matter. Once you're set up with a provider, it just needs linking to your website. 

All you need is an integration.

Then a button will sit at your checkout, just next to your normal payment gateway. From there, customers simply need to run through a fully automated application process. All data is protected by End to End encryption, and the systems are fully secured.
They fill in their details, and your provider does the rest. When their application is accepted, the deposit is taken, and your website can mark the order as complete!

In Practice

Fishpools were the first of our clients to walk down the path of Interest Free Credit. They work with Laser Finance to offer a best in show experience to their customers. In fact, Fishpools have already reported that they've seen higher average order values and increased conversion rates. Even better, by matching it to their quotation system, they allow their customers to complete a purchase online. Previously, those completions would have taken the full attention of a member of staff for up to 40 minutes!

Now, A World of Furniture haven't had their finance as long, but they're working hard to make up for lost time. They've made a point of showing off their new option across the site. After all, what's the point of having a shiny new service if you don't promote it? Their customers can't help but spot the Close Brothers banner and it's already having an impact on their sales!

Our Partners

As always, our bespoke eCommerce solution is driven by our customers; in this case, they've lead us to some excellent solutions.

An integration with any of these is a piece of cake. All you need to do is ask!

Close Brothers - Modern Merchant Banking
Hitachi Personal Finance - Inspire The Next
Laser Finance
Pay 4 Later


We're working with each of these suppliers, but if yours isn't on the list, just drop us a line. We always like to make new friends!


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