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Ecommerce, Web Design and Multi-channel

Iconography blend design, development and client service to ensure we deliver a complete agency experience. A dedicated, full service ecommerce agency, with services tailored to suit your requirements.

Over the years we have learnt a lot - if you take one thing away from this page, let it be this - successful websites (without exception) are websites which put the user first. Thinking about who will use the website, why they will use the website and what they want to do on the website is absolutely essential to designing and building a successful website. We work in a professional and transparent fashion - detailed quotes, exacting technical specifications, original and well resolved design, attentive project management and client liaison.

Zone1 Ecommerce


Enterprise level ecommerce, crafted to fit your needs by our digital artisans!

We work with some big retailers who expect the best. We benchmark our platform against the rest to make sure we stay ahead. We keep the quality of output high by ensuring we only employ the best. A small handpicked team. Quality not quantity is what counts.

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Joined up retail as standard

We "fused" our Zone1 Ecommerce platform with Swan's retail management system and EPoS software; producing a multi-channel retail system aimed at driving forward retailers in the department store, furniture and garden centre sectors. Our system delivers many benefits in terms of efficient day to day retail operations and provides a single view of products, stock, customers and orders online and in-store.

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Web Design


We started designing and building websites back in the last millennium

So we know what we’re doing! These days, the main thrust of the business ecommerce, but we still design and build high quality brochure sites for businesses and organisations across the South West.

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Responsive web design for tablet and smartphone users.

Our Zone1 system has now evolved into a fully responsive ecommerce platform, which automatically adapts to large screens, desktops, tablet and mobile devices.

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Organic SEO from the barn

It takes time and patience to research and implement an effective organic search engine optimisation campaign. The strategic aim of any website should be to become an "authority" in the eyes of Google. It is this recognition by Google which delivers those page 1 positions. All content, social, blog and link building needs to revolve around the "authority" strategy of your site.

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Agency Plus

agency plus

Like having your own in-house ecommerce manager batting for the team.

This service is the "Full Monty" and encompasses SEO, Pay-per-click, affiliate and marketplace integration and management services on leading sites such as (Amazon, ebay and Play). We bring our years of ecommerce experience to the table and work side by side with our clients to grow their ecommerce business.

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A dedicated, full service ecommerce agency, with services tailored to suit your requirements.

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