A Day in the Life: Six daily integration issues to avoid

Unify your RMS to avoid the "seamless" integration headache

In this eBook we will expose the critical errors and inefficiencies created by partially integrated retail management systems. We will look at the areas where we know businesses are facing avoidable problems every day:

  1. Inaccurate product and price information
  2. Laborious management of photography and video assets
  3. Uncertainties around divided stock and confusing inventory status
  4. Complicated and conflicting loyalty programs and promotions
  5. Messy ordering processes and failures in fulfilment
  6. System failures and outages

“It’s not unknown for it to take a week or two before a system error can even be tracked down and attributed to one vendor. This often leaves retailers stuck in the middle, the reliability of the ordering system stranded”

A day in the life
A day in the life