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winner-of-best-service-at-the-january-furniture-show- #IXOCOMMERCE#NEWS#AWARDS
12th January 2024

Winner of 'Best Service' at the January Furniture Show

The January Furniture Show awards are well established, and for the second year running, we've been nominated for 'Superior Service'....
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site-launch-haskins-furniture #INSTORE#LAUNCH
10th January 2024

Site Launch - Haskins Furniture

A furniture retailer with the OMNIS advantage
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site-launch-olbas-oil #B2B#LAUNCH
10th December 2023

Site Launch - Olbas Oil

In 2023, we won a big contract to provide GR Lanes with multiple sites for their wider group; of all of them, this may be the one that our team...
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managing-made-to-order-options #ECOMMERCE#INSTORE#FEATURE#VIDEO
5th December 2023

Managing Made to Order Options

When you're upkeeping products, you need a system that makes it easy for you, and one that recognises that not all product types are the same. If...
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glasswells-site-launch #ECOMMERCE#LAUNCH
1st December 2023

Glasswells - Site Launch

Glasswells came to us after a disastrous experience with another supplier. Unfortunately, they learned the hard way that not everyone who claims...
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print-your-own-product-tickets #INSTORE#FEATURE#VIDEO
27th November 2023

Print your own Product Tickets

Unified Commerce offers a lot of benefits, but one of the biggest is having all of your data in one place. WIth OMNIS Retail, all of your product...
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4-key-reporting-benefits-of-unified-commerce #INSTORE#UNIFIEDCOMMERCE#FEATURE
22nd November 2023

4 key reporting benefits of Unified Commerce

Every day, we talk to retailers who can’t do simple things like export their sales orders; they’re often limited to a small subset...
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january-furniture-show #NEWS
1st November 2023

January Furniture Show

Come see us at Stand 1-G25, or book a demo using the form.
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maximise-success-in-upcoming-busy-periods #ECOMMERCE#NEWS#STRATEGY
27th October 2023

Maximise success in upcoming busy periods

With November almost upon us, retailers will be gearing up for likely one of the most busy periods of the year: Black Friday Christmas January...
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site-launch-tripp-luggage #ECOMMERCE#LAUNCH
25th October 2023

Site Launch - Tripp Luggage

150k in the first month
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custom-enquiry-forms #ECOMMERCE#FEATURE#VIDEO
10th October 2023

Custom Enquiry Forms

The ability to construct custom inquiry forms on a website offers numerous benefits, and two notable advantages are adaptability and efficiency. Firstly,...
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disaster-recovery #IXOCOMMERCE
6th October 2023

Disaster Recovery

Many businesses don't get a lot of time to plan for when things go wrong. With all of the challenges of modern retail, the pressures of simply...
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