Comprehensive and consistent product management for every sales channel


Straightforward product creation and management from an intuitive system with no duplication of effort. Sell effectively in every sales channel.

  • Do you currently have to build or maintain products across multiple systems for online and store based selling?
  • Are you able to keep the products on your website in line with your EPOS?
  • Are you able to efficiently manage price increases  and promotions across the whole business?
  • Can you create, manage and maintain products for selling online and selling instore in one database?


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Track your inventory across all channels

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Effective Omnichannel Management


Operational efficiency is the key. Products should be created and managed in one place, for all channels. No duplication of effort, no delays in product creation, product changes or promotion roll outs, and no problematic integrations.

Operational Efficiency

Omnichannel Product Information Management

Manage all of your Product Information in one central location and show that data to the customer in the correct format, using IXO Commerce. Online and instore journeys are synchronised from a single database, with no integrations required; only use APIs to push products to alternative channels.

Product Images

Add as many image as you'd like to a single product, and sequence them with a simple drag and drop interface. For complex products, link your images up to options so that the customer's selection is reflected by a corresponding product shot; when they choose 'red' they see the red image.

Product Descriptions

With IXO Commerce, you don't have to worry about HTML or CSS. Our easy to use interface allows any user to format product descriptions with just the click of a button; bold, underline and italicise your text with keyboard shortcuts. Don't waste your time typing out long winded code or Googling tags.

Meta Data

IXO Commerce will pre-load Meta Data for every page on your eCommerce site. For products, it will pull content from the product name and description, but if you want a little more control, it'll also empower you to manually edit Meta Data on a product by product basis.


Product Attributes are used to power eCommerce filters and enhance Product Information. Add icons and colours using our intuitive system; you'll be able to apply these in bulk to drive a fantastic customer experience. For omnichannel users, IXO Commerce can push Attributes via our APIs.


Assign Brand information to individual products, and use that for marketing, setting up a landing page that collects all products together. Your customers and salespeople can sort or search by Brand, or alternatively you can white label your goods to maintain your competitive edge.


Add image or text overlays to any product, but don't waste your time applying Product Overlays individually. Instead, use IXO Commerce's automations to create rules; assign an overlay to products added in the last 30 days, or to products in the 'Sofa' category and have the 'Fabric' attribute.

Product Overlays

Add image or text overlays to any product, but don't waste your time applying Product Overlays individually. Instead, use IXO Commerce's automations to create rules; assign an overlay to products added in the last 30 days, or to products in the 'Sofa' category and have the 'Fabric' attribute.


Not all products are the same; manage them via our flexible Statuses. Pre-orders, Archived and Disabled sit alongside Available and Information Only, so that you can control your customer's journey. Whatever you need, IXO Commerce will be the right fit.

Cross-Selling Rules

Apply Cross-Selling Rules to products to save you time and energy. Build automations for related items and upsells based on Brand, Collection, Category and Attribute data. For example, assign an upsell of 'Black Shoe Polish' to all products in the 'Leather Shoe' category with the 'Black' attribute.

Products from Stock

IXO Commerce uses its powerful Warehousing function to help you to sell products from stock. Set up Variants for size, colour, or whatever you need, and the system will keep track of stock levels across multiple stores and warehouses. Lead times and expected restock dates are shown on the website.

Bundle Product

Combine multiple products into a single Bundle Product, either with or without a discount, for easy purchase online and instore; even push them to alternative channels via an API. IXO Commerce will then break these down within the Order Management module for easy fulfilment.

Product Add Ons

Add services and warranties to any product quickly and easily. Set unique SKUs for reporting, control pricing centrally, and optionally choose to raise purchase orders. Perfect for gift wrap, removal and assembly services, extended warranties or thrid party insurance policies.

Made to Order Products

As complexity intensifies, you need a solution that can handle it. IXO Commerce supports products with multiple option levels, parent and child options and price affecting options. We've built products with over 2 billion possible combinations, so we know that it'll work for you!

Swatch Groups

You can add swatches to any option on any product, but you can also create options based on Swatch Groups; rather than update products individually, simply maintain the Group, which affects all associated products. Automatically add, delete and update swatches in seconds!


Work efficiently with bulk Import/Export functionality. Export your product data and update them in bulk via a CSV imports for product information, images and options. Complete quick edits on existing products, or build new ones. For ease of use, build your own spreadsheets and upload them.

Timed Price Imports

Don't work harder; work smarter. Rather than staying up until midnight to get your price changes live at the right time, simply set an activiation date and time against your price file. Then, IXO Commerce will automatically apply all prices at the right time.

Bulk Updater

Although you can edit products individually, you can also use our Bulk Updater to manage multiple products quickly, editing them in real time. Search and filter products by brand range and category, giving you a quick overview of your products, empowering you to spot and rectify errors.

Barcode Printing

Print barcode labels direct from IXO Commerce. They can be customised to meet your needs with barcodes, pricing information, SKU codes and more; just set up your printer and select the products you want to label. If you prefer, print the labels as part of your Goods In process.

Price History Reporting

Retain and review a complete history of price changes, all in one place. Amends to cost prices, changes to the RRP, fluctuations in selling price, as well as going in and out of sale, are all recorded, along with who made the change. This gives you a much greater oversight of your prices.

Stock History

Track the full stock history of any item, over any period, with this easy to understand report. Every transaction is noted, the date and user recorded, as well as stock entering or leaving the system. Keep tabs on stock movements and enjoy easy access to data that can help to explain anomalies.


A Unified Commerce platform with a single product database feeds eCommerce and EPOS with a consistent set of product data.

Innovative Solutions

Omnichannel Inventory Management

If you use alternative marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, or use services like Fulfil by Amazon, IXO Commerce can keep count of both your sales and inventory levels to give you a true view of your holdings and liability, as well as assisting best accounting practices.

Stores and Warehouses

Whether you are running a single warehouse, two stores, or a hundred locations, it's built to grow with you. Sales are attributed to specific locations, as is reporting, goods in, goods out and purchasing. Compare and contrast stores with the click of a button.

Multiple Locations

Create as many Stock Locations as you would like at each Store or Warehouse.  IXO Commerce keeps track of exactly what you have, and where it is. Even though SKUs can be split across multiple Locations, autogenerated Picking Lists will take staff to the right place!

Multi Warehouse Order Fulfilment

With a system that offers 100% stock visibility across all channels, you will have the confidence that orders can be fulfilled across multiple Distribution Centres. Set bespoke rules and fulfilment thresholds, while tracking Warehouse performance and stock levels.

Stock Allocation

Stock can be automatically allocated to any order based on your processes. Allocate web orders based on the proximity of a store to the customer, push an order to the store with the largest amount of stock, or spread them evenly between all locations, IXO Commerce has you covered.

Split an Order

When an order can't be fulfilled by a single location, it can be automatically split between Stores that can fulfil the order between them. Each store will have their part of the order added to their fulfilment workflows, for a quick and speedy delivery.

Return Merchandise Authorisation

Offer Unified returns to your customers; a real omnichannel experience. They can be requested via a form on your website, acknowledged by your team, and received in the Warehouse, before undergoing a final review and confirmation. With leading payment gateways, use IXO Commerce to complete a refund.

Barcoded Inventory Management

IXO Commerce takes your barcodes and uses them to drive precise controls across the platform. Goods In, Picking and Packing, Returns, Stock Taking and more are enhanced by the use of barcodes to automatically count products in and out of the warehouse.


Build an easy workflow for your warehouse team with Picking and Packing management. Orders are split out between Collection and Delivery, with courier services clearly highlighted. Staff have clear processes to follow, increasing efficiency and reducing errors by using barcode scanning.

Picking Lists

Print customised picking lists, or generate them in browser for use with mobile devices. Allocate orders to individual team members, or use a central pool; either way, you can use barcode scanning to ensure that they pick exactly the right items from your inventory.

Stock Transfers

Transfer stock between stores quickly and efficiently. Build up a list of stock to move manually, or scan items out using barcodes; then, once the products have been moved into transit, simply do the same when receiving the goods at the store, and assign them to specific locations.

Stock History

Track the full stock history of any item, over any period, with this easy to understand report. Every transaction is noted, the date and user recorded, as well as stock entering or leaving the system. Keep tabs on stock movements and enjoy easy access to data that can help to explain anomalies.

Courier Integrations

Save time and remove the risk of human error by having an automated link to your couriers. Either direct, or through an aggregate service, your staff will spend less time copying and pasting, and more time packing; just print the label with a single click of a button.

Back to Back Ordering

Automatically create Purchase Orders for Made to Order items as the Sales Orders are placed. Multiple Sales Orders can be combined to meet minimum delivery thresholds and Purchase Orders can be held for manual review or sent automatically for fulfilment.