Dedicated account management and robust cloud hosting


We follow proven processes to deliver projects, training and support to our clients. Reliable hosting, dedicated account managers and decades of experience combine to provide excellent results.

  • Is your current provider a real partner to your business, or just another supplier?
  • Do you struggle to get real support over the phone?
  • Are you being hit with prohibitive development and hosting costs?


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Dedicated account management

Would you like to know more?

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Cloud hosting with AWS, and dedicated UK based data centres for multiple daily backups. 

Proper Security

Security and Stability

IXO Commerce is built with security in mind. The system architecture is layered with protections for your business data, your customers' personal data and your reporting. Our code is stable and responsibly managed to ensure uptime and constant access.

Secure Data Centres

Secure data centres are used to host IXO Commerce. These have state of the art electronic and physical protection against malicious activity in place, with fast, reliable connections, on and off site backups and an uninterruptible power supply; combined, this guarantees enterprise level hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is also available using Amazon's AWS solution. Tap into their powerful infrastructure for a hosting solution that is quickly scalable, rapidly recoverable and lightning fast. This premium service is just right for those who are looking for a little bit extra.

Disaster Recovery

If the worst should happen, our staff can restore you to our most recent backup. These occur at regular intervals, and stored both on site with our servers and off site. No matter what happens, you'll be back up and running with minimal business interruption.

PHP Version

Enjoy the benefits of the latest PHP version on IXO Commerce; if you've been used to older versions, expect a significant speed increase! Staying up to date helps with bug fixes and security, as well as giving our developers the tools to work on your system into the future.


Every IXO Commerce website goes live with an SSL Certificate pre-installed. That keeps you and your customers safe from malicious activity, secures your website CMS and gives you an all important rankings boost within Google searches, providing you with SEO and security benefits.

Granular User Permissions

Create Users with the right level of access for their roles. Administrator or Sales Assistant? Warehouse staff or Marketeer. Improve your compliance and security by restricting access to sensitive data and hiding entire sections of the CMS from those who don't need them.

Restrict Access to Stock Amends

In IXO Commerce, role based access privileges allow you to control exactly who has the ability to make changes; this reduces losses. Superusers assign the right to manually amend stock, ensuring that only appropriate staff members are permitted to write off stock.

Two Factor Authentication

IXO Commerce uses Two Factor Authentication to prevent unauthorised access to the CMS, keeping sensitive data secure and preventing unauthorised access. This can be enabled on all CMS users to help to prevent malicious behaviour and GDPR data breaches.

Restricted IP Addresses

Restrict access to the CMS to trusted IPs. This whitelisting is just another tool you can use to maintain the highest levels of cloud security while also balancing usability; with 'trusted devices' you can let the people you want in, in, while keeping those you don't, out.

Restricted Access by Region

Take the idea of blacklisting one step further by blocking selected international traffic. If you have isolated a risk from south east Asia, we can block the whole region from your CMS, or from even being able to access the website as a whole; front and back end security.


All aspects of the GDPR are covered; 'proactive consent' is the approach we've taken with every piece of personal data. Customers have to opt into everything, and once they have done so, their data can be anonymised with the click of a button. All reporting is set to work around anonymous data.


IXO Commerce is fully compliant with the  Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, protecting you and your business from legal concerns. Non-essential cookies will never be stored on a user's machine without them opting into tracking and other third party cookies.


Every single one of our clients gets a dedicated account manager - that's just how we work.

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

Every single IXO Commerce user has access to a dedicated Account Manager. Our team know the product inside out and are dedicated to your success; they will work with you during and after the build, so that you and your business get the very most out of your system.

Remote Training

With the benefits of video calls and screenshare technology, we can provide top to bottom Remote Training. We'll make sure that you're confident in all aspects of your IXO Commerce system before you go live, so you'll be able to hit the ground running!

On Site Support

Although most of our clients are confident using IXO Commerce after the Remote Training that we provide, if you prefer we can set up an on site visit as well. We'd normally do these for a full day so that we can properly meet you and your team, get to know the business and provide your training.

Client Support Portal

IXO Commerce users get access to a Client Support Portal, giving them a direct line to our development team. This lets you open questions, bug reports and maintenance requests, as well as responding direct to queries, reducing delays and improving response times.

Unlimited Support

We don't bill you for every phone call or per email. If you need help, we're here, and that's all there is to it. So, whether you're looking to understand a report, find a customer or change a setting, your dedicated Account Manager is here when you need them.

Bug Fixes as Standard

If there's a bug, then it's down to us to fix it. So if your IXO Commerce system has stopped doing something it was supposed to be doing, or started doing something it shouldn't, then just open a ticket in the Client Support Portal and we'll get right on it.

Maintenance on Retainer

Each month, our clients are able to make changes to the system using their Retainer; as many hours a month of developer time as you need, built right into your support and hosting contract; just manage that time in the Support Portal. You'll be able to make changes at no extra cost.