Featured Partner

Iconography are now a featured Trustpilot partner

Trustpilot can really make a difference to conversion rates on any website

What does it mean to be a featured partner?

It means that we really understand how to make the most out of Trustpilot.

We know how to make the integation work for you. Which widgets will you use? How are you communicating with customers? What automations can we put in place?

Still, it's not all about integrations; it's also about design. Where should you show your trust rating? What impact will it have on checkout?

Key benefits:

  • Our clients can take advantage of our close working relationship with Trustpilot
  • Iconography can advise on the best way to implement the Trustpilot widgets and integration
  • We have access to their latest APIs
  • Our clients can access custom integrations perfect for their business


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24th July 2023