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Bentley Designs aren't newcomers to the idea of online B2B. Unfortunately, they're also familiar with the limitations of Magento 1.

Trade eCommerce without limits

Bentley Designs want to encourage their B2B clients to buy online. They know that eCommerce provides the best solution to this complex proposition, streamlining internal processes and maximising sales opportunities. 

They were used to a Magento platform that could take orders and provide basic product information to their customers, but it just didn't go far enough. 

IXO Commerce provides a fresh start for Bentley Designs. From client management and CRM functions to order processing for and on behalf of their customers, the website covers every aspect of their business. 

Moving beyond Magento

“They worked closely with us to understand the full brief and have been quick to react to our feedback through the process.  The new website launched on schedule and we are delighted by its look and functionality.”
- Nick Tafe

IXO Commerce covers all the bases. It needed to remove the stress from the retail ordering experience, so it handles everything from supply chain processing and lead times, all the way up to marketing. International and domestic orders are placed on the same site and have access to the same stock levels. One solution for many customers.

Marketing assets

Every marketing asset a retailer needs for every product is in one place, available for download behind a secure portal.

Pricing and stock export

Within their account, business customers can access price and stock files, immediately available after every change. 

Container shipping

Customers are able to fill a container as they add products to their basket. With every item, the container capacity is updated and displayed.

Centralised ordering

Every order will be placed online, using all the lessons we've learned from B2C eCommerce for an excellent user experience.

IXO Commerce has given Bentley Design's customers a range of solutions to speed up the ordering process. Trade customers are busy, and encouraging them online requires some seriously beneficial features.

  • Head office ordering for delivery to branches
  • Repeat ordering
  • Container shipping
  • Quick order from product codes
  • Quick order from category screens (pictured below)

As with all IXO Commerce websites, all of these features are available on the go. Bentley Designs can access the system at any time, from anywhere.

Their sales agents can access reporting and view orders as they prepare for meetings, or place orders while on-site, directly into the website! This support element adds value to the retailer by cutting out delays and giving them direct access to the information they need. 

Custom B2B eCommerce
Custom B2B eCommerce

We understand how to structure eCommerce for trade customers. INTUS Trade provides the specific stock, lead time and product information they need and the pricing, promotion, ordering and delivery options necessary to ensure all our trade sites are a useful resource which supports customers and adds real value.

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