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A single seamless system that covers every sale, return and customer without needing a single integration.

Award Winner
Award Winner

IXO Commerce won an eCommerce Award for Best Use of Multichannel thanks to the excellent solution we provided to Footbalance.

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FootBalance UK have a network of physical stores and a strong eCommerce presence. Rather than providing an eCommerce website with a third party integration to an EPoS system, we were able to offer IXO Commerce. A standalone product that combines both enterprise eCommerce and EPoS - running off a single database. 

This was the start of a new chapter for us - combining our years of eCommerce experience with EPoS - offering retailers, who also have stores and concessions a powerful new retail platform, for sales, marketing and all aspects of retail management.

"Our brief was complex - we needed a multi-brand eCommerce site which provided the consumer with different buying and booking options, as well as a till system for our retail stores"

“Iconography are our preferred partners because they combine digital creativity with a simple-to-use eCommerce platform and responsive account management.”
- David Sleigh, Director, FootBalance UK

FootBalance UK now has a fully responsive site, connected to the instore till system which allows for fully automated stock control, preventing the ability to oversell items as the stock is instantly updated on the database. Rather than the traditional 10 to 15 minute lag time with a third party integration.

Point of sale

Instore orders are processed quickly and simply, using traditional barcode readers. Receipts are either printed or emailed to the customer. 

Endless Aisle

Footbalance use IXO Commerce to allocate and manage order quotas to each of their stores with real time performance and stock updates. 

Zero lagtime

Traditional integrations involve lag time as different databases are changed. With IXO Commerce, there's only one database, so updates happen in real time. 

Enterprise eCommerce

Footbalance didn't have to compromise and prioritise instore over online. IXO Commerce provides one perfect solution for both. 

Unlike a traditional footwear store, Footbalance offer professional foot analysis, via their FitZone 3D experience, which enables a professional foot analysis of the customers feet. They then identify a person's foot type and its impact on their health before moulding custom insoles to their unique feet and scanning the insole to produce a personalised insole profile for ordering any insole from the FootBalance 100% custom insole range online.

Director of FootBalance UK, David Sleigh, approached Iconography as they were struggling with their current EPOS provider, and unable to have bespoke features that would enable them to integrate customers accounts instore to those on the website. Since then, IXO Commerce has been installed into all their physical stores with great success.

Instead of the need of two individual suppliers for the EPOS and website, we provided one complete solution tailored to each retail store and location. With a single database, we see instant access to data with no lag time; no more waiting 15 minutes for your orders to transfer between systems and stock to be updated. A simple click of a button automatically updates the instore stock plus the website, preventing overselling stock and disappointing customers with unfulfilled orders.

Online and instore retail
Online and instore retail

OMNIS Retail is a pioneering new retail solution that has been driven by D2C brands & niche retailers looking to the future. A single database eliminates any data integration issues between outdated systems, instead providing a cloud-based omnicommerce retail solution fit for the 21st century.

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