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Working successfully in the furniture sector since 2012

We recognise the furniture industry is being hampered by outdated systems

A new retail ecosystem for progressive furniture retailers

Selling furniture is a complicated business and too often, traditional software solutions are not fit for purpose. Old, clunky interfaces with disjointed thinking simply will not support a modern furniture retailer. 

What you need is a platform designed specifically with furniture retailing in mind. One that has been built in 2020 for the 2020s, rather than one founded on outdated software from the last millennium. 

OMNIS Retail by Iconography provides exactly that. An award-winning Unified Commerce Retail Management System that can handle anything you need, from eCommerce to EPoS, from customer management to purchase ordering. 

OMNIS Retail
OMNIS Retail

Did you know that Iconography mixes eCommerce, RMS, CRM and EPoS? It's an award winning Unified Commerce solution that's powering retailers all around the UK.

OMNIS Retail is an award winning platform with a single database handling customer data, stock management, purchase ordering and much more.

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And So To Bed

And So To Bed are an agile retailer with a modern outlook on the omnichannel sales experience.

Starting with a straightforward eCommerce website, And So To Bed have turned their IXO Commerce platform into a Unified Commerce solution that works within their existing structure; not against it. Salespeople are able to take customers through the buying process instore, carefully selecting options and products which are a perfect fit. Then, if the customer isn't quite ready to purchase, a quote is automatically emailed to them.

It's easy to retrieve a quote and pay online, or even edit it if the customer forgot something, but the sale will still be attributed to that store and that salesperson. This means that And So To Bed get clear visibility of the success of the program, as well as having the data to manage their staff effectively and reward them with the correct levels of commission.

“The IXO Commerce platform stands out from the software crowd; the opportunity to have a fully connected system is a real selling point and our implementation has absolutely fulfilled the promise. The Iconography team understands retail and the omnichannel brief and continues to meet our high expectations.”
- Adam Knell, eCommerce and Marketing Manager, ASTB

Unified Commerce is the #swansong for traditional steam powered Retail Management Systems

Julia Jones

An independent retailer in north Wales, Julia Jones run their whole business through their IXO Commerce site. OMNIS facilitates everything they do, every interaction with their customers or their suppliers. 

When an order is placed by a customer, the websystem automatically creates a purchase order that is sent to the supplier. That means there's no mind-numbing data entry, no delays and no mistakes. Above all, there's no costly integration

Unlike a traditional retail system, OMNIS is built on a single database; as stock changes, it immediately updates every channel. Now that we've removed the need for painful integrations, there are no weak points. Julia Jones don't have to wait for one system to talk to another, or wonder why an update has failed. 

“I have been able to land a lot of new orders because I can do things with this system that were impossible before.”
- Rob Jones, MD Julia Jones

The OMNIS Advantage
The OMNIS Advantage

A complete guide for furniture retailers

Is your current supplier #outoftouch?

Home In Online

Home In Online is a company that sells across Europe with a simple ethos - simplicity in products and in processes.

They sell products which are already in stock and fulfil orders from multiple locations, while sales come in from Amazon, eBay and the eCommerce website

IXO Commerce is an integral part of their process, allowing for the centralisation of orders, and the automation of their key processes.

With all orders in one place, management couldn't be simpler. 

OMNIS #retaildarwinism in action

Snug Interiors

Selling beds can be a tricky business and selling them online is even worse. Hundreds of options, different sizes and the importance of comfort along with the inability to lie on the actual bed all block conversion. 

Snug Interiors don't seem to find that a problem.

With IXO Commerce, setting up and selling complicated products is a breeze. Price changes are quick and simple to set up while options are presented to the customer in a clear and concise manner. 

Furniture eCommerce that works.

Get the OMNIS Retail advantage for furniture retailers

OMNIS was born out of the needs of a leading direct to consumer brand to support their online and instore retailing formats in the UK market. They were facing the same problems and challenges that present obstacles for any retailer.

As a progressive and forwarding thinking brand, our client wanted to remove the limitations, constraints and operational inefficiencies associated with integrating an eCommerce website with offline EPoS and legacy back office retail software.

We quickly saw the vast potential OMNIS possessed. It’s a need we’ve recognised with many other retailers and DTC brands that have similar aspirations and want to remove the restrictions of old retail technology and software.

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Online and instore retail
Online and instore retail

OMNIS Retail is a pioneering new retail solution that has been driven by D2C brands & niche retailers looking to the future. A single database eliminates any data integration issues between outdated systems, instead providing a cloud-based omnicommerce retail solution fit for the 21st century.

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