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Integration Hell

A small sample of integration issues that furniture and homeware retailers contend with every day

Integration issues from our Support Portal

Every day, we get messages from our clients, frustrated with the limitations of integrations. Here are snippets of some real integration issues from our Support Portal – to highlight the sort of integration issues which hamper furniture retailers and hold them back (we have removed client and software vendor references):

  1. It has pulled through to [3rd party software] even though no payment was taken and there is no delivery charge when there should be
  2. We desperately need to be able to automatically tell [3rd party software] that we have delivered a number of orders. Is it possible to import a CSV file into the CMS, with web order number and tracking ; that then confirms that order as delivered in the CMS?
  3. Can this then be passed to [3rd party software] as part of an end of day process so that [3rd party software] gets delivery confirmed; with tracking id? See file attached
  4. The lead times on merged products are not pulling through and it's only taking the lead time for one of the products in the merge.  I would need the different colours for the chairs to pull through as they all have different lead times.
  5. Just realised we have a separate function in place to send in store payment directly to [REDACTED] software, however [3rd party software] is rejecting the order with the following message being returned 'Sales order number - 432942 Delivered' .
  6. I enabled new ranges yesterday afternoon, I notice the feed has updated twice since I enabled these ranges and yet they still haven't come through to the website. I will upload screenshots of the ranges from [3rd party software] so you know what names to look out for.
  7. We have a couple of items that for some reason are showing the out of stock lead times on the product page (and also on overlays), but they have free stock in both [3rd party software] and CMS.
  8. I have come in this morning and all the main categories and sub categories have been disabled, please can someone re-enable them asap? And explain why this has happened?
  9. Orders have stopped coming down to [3rd party software] from our website. You will need to contact [3rd party company] as to why they are not downloading. I've attached the XML for each order to this ticket if that's useful.
  10. We have managed to set up the Branch through [3rd party software] but the only issue we have now is that the payment option through click and collect is set to pay by phone only. Obviously, we would like the option of pay by card as well. [3rd party company] told us that this is something that would have to be done by Iconography
  11. Can you check from your end if we have same issue as earlier in this ticket? It's just we uploaded a lot of items yesterday that haven't reached the web. I've noticed [3rd party software] automatically patched last night and am wondering if that caused a problem?

This is just a selection of a few support tickets, and we can find many more. These snapshots point to the day-to-day difficulties that fragmented and disjointed systems present to furniture retailers.

These things add up, they equate to delay, customer disappointment, reduced time to focus on more productive activity, reduced team morale and higher operational costs – you may need more staff, more user licences, more support and so forth.

Leave integration issues behind with OMNIS Retail

Integrations issues do not exist with OMNIS Retail. This is a step change and creates many advantages for progressive furniture and homewares retailers. Contact us to find out more.

OMNIS Retail is a Unified Commerce solution for the modern retailer. Unlike legacy solutions, OMNIS Retail is built with a single database. It allows you to handle EPoS, eCommerce, RMS, CRM, stock management, order management and more, all in one place, without any lag, with no expensive integrations, and no hidden costs. 

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Don't let integrations limit your business

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Online and instore retail
Online and instore retail

OMNIS Retail is a pioneering new retail solution that has been driven by D2C brands & niche retailers looking to the future. A single database eliminates any data integration issues between outdated systems, instead providing a cloud-based omnicommerce retail solution fit for the 21st century.

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