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Modern retailers face a number of challenges when it comes to omnichannel retail, especially connecting online and offline customer journeys. A retail CRM bridges this gap, enabling retailers to run personalised communications, omnichannel marketing campaigns and loyalty programmes across every sales channel.

The OMNIS advantage

We developed OMNIS to meet these needs and for retailers like you that want to take on the challenge of omnichannel retail and succeed. As a unified CRM, EPoS, eCommerce, retail management and order processing platform OMNIS provides the everyday essentials you need to get ahead and run your retail operations smoothly. 

We’ve been working with retailers for over 20 years and know the daily challenges you face when it comes to systems and customer data. We took these common pain points and created a solution - a powerful CRM that’s part of our award-winning OMNIS software.

CRM by Iconography
CRM by Iconography

Did you know that our Unified Commerce platform mixes eCommerce, RMS, CRM and EPoS?

OMNIS Retail is an award winning platform with a single database handling customer data, stock management, purchase ordering and much more.

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“72% of consumers only engage with marketing messages that reflect their personal interests”

Retail Management Systems
Retail Management Systems

What are they, how to get one, and why the best include built in CRM

“The best Retail Management Systems give you one true view of the customer - you need to know their shopping behaviour and spending patterns to inform your marketing”

Keeping it personal with a retail CRM

Your customers expect your communications with them to be personalised. 72% of consumers in 2019 only engaged with marketing messages that were customised to their specific interests.

When you know who your customer is, what they bought, where they purchased and when they purchased you can deliver precisely the right product and message at the right time. OMNIS provides you with these insights, collecting data from every sales channel and bringing it together into one central database.

With this data, you can use our email marketing feature to automate and intelligently target your email marketing. You can power the dynamic banners, product sorting options and recommended products on our enterprise eCommerce platform. You can deliver exceptional customer service using real customer insights.

The built-in retail CRM in our OMNIS platform gives you a 360° view of your customers and provides sales and marketing teams with the insights required to make data-driven decisions that increase sales and innovate the customer experience.

Running omnichannel loyalty schemes

Loyalty schemes are notoriously difficult to align across online and offline channels, so retailers shy away from setting them up. This barrier is a problem because 87% of shoppers report that they want brands to have loyalty programs in place.

At the centre of every great loyalty scheme is an even better CRM. It’s not enough to have a CRM for online channels and a CRM for offline channels. And, it’s not even enough to have one retail CRM that is ‘connected’ to all channels either. Why? Because integrations fail, usually at critical moments.

To successfully run an omnichannel loyalty scheme, you must have a CRM that is powered by a single source of data that flows throughout your retail activity. OMNIS gives you a single-real time view of data across channels including instore, online and on the phone. OMNIS enables points and rewards to be earned, logged, stored and retrieved at any point and through any channel. 

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Our retail CRM

We built OMNIS as an all-in-one unified platform that incorporates core retail systems including EPoS, eCommerce, CRM, retail management, warehouse management and business insights and reporting.

Our award-winning unified commerce platform provides you with the everyday essentials you need to get ahead and run your retail operations smoothly. We recognise that you may have existing systems and sales channels that you want to collect data from and store in your CRM, so we have built links to some of the most popular platforms, including:

  • Mailchimp
  • Zendesk
  • Sage

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Google Shopping

“Unified Commerce gives you an omnichannel solution from day one”

Features of the OMNIS Retail CRM

Although the retail CRM functionality is part of the more comprehensive OMNIS platform that includes EPoS, eCommerce, retail management and warehouse management, it’s by no means watered down. Our CRM has a range of innovative, award-winning features that help you better understand your data and connect with your customers.

  • See email correspondence and make notes
  • Manage customer service queries and returns
  • Send automated email marketing campaigns

  • Segment, group and tag customers
  • Manage credit facilities
  • Set reminders to contact customers

Gain the OMNIS advantage

When you use OMNIS, you get so much more than a fully-featured CRM. You get a Unified Commerce platform that puts the customer first and enables your retail operations to be more efficient and driven by data - the lifeblood of agile 21st century retail.

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Online and instore retail
Online and instore retail

OMNIS Retail is a pioneering new retail solution that has been driven by D2C brands & niche retailers looking to the future. A single database eliminates any data integration issues between outdated systems, instead providing a cloud-based omnicommerce retail solution fit for the 21st century.


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