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Finding what you want

As a customer, the first step of a successful eCommece experience is being able to find the products you need; whether you know exactly what you need, or even if you don't.

Site Search is an essential part of that customer journey. 

As a retailer, you need a Site Search that delivers relevant results, but also actively increases your conversion rate. That's why you need reporting on your internal searches to highlight potential issues and opportunities, as well as the tools to react.

That's why, whether you want your Best Sellers to appear at the top of serach results, or you want a simple Search Override, you need a true Enterprise eCommerce platform. 

Supercharged Search
Supercharged Search

At Iconography, we are constantly updating and improving our platform, IXO Commerce, and all of our features are built for both new and existing clients.

There are loads of ways to boost the performance of your Site Search; our team would love to discuss it with you. 

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“How can my customers find the right product?”

What is Site Search?

We're all familiar with search engines. Whether we were using Ask Jeeves and AltaVista twenty years ago, or the all pervasive powerhouses of today, like Bing and Google, we've become used to using them to find what we want. Although most companies can't compete with the level of investment put into those industry leaders, every eCommerce website needs to offer its customers a form of internal Site Search.

One of the core tenets of eCommerce is getting the right products in front of the right potential customers. One way to do this is through effective categorisation of your products, but another is to use a Site Search function. This lets customers search for keywords and be returned relevant products; after all, if they are searching on your website, that's a pretty strong buying signal.

There are a lot of ways to power a Site Search, and the key things you're looking for are speed and relevance. Traditionally, a lot of websites have relied on SQL databases, which can be a little slow, or eCommerce managers have looked to expensive third parties to provide the solution. 

When it came to IXO Commerce, we knew we needed the best. That's why we chose Elasticsearch. 

Elasticsearch is an industry leading search solution

Elasticsearch stands out from the competition for a lot of reasons. It's built on Apache Lucene and was first released in 2010, so they've had a lot of practice getting it right. With some simple REST APIs, high speed, and scalability, it's perfect for busy eCommerce websites. 

We've been able to plug it into IXO Commerce's reporting and measuring function, so that it sits alongside Google Analtyics, as well as other internal metrics. That means that you, as the site manager, can really get to grips with search data, and truly understand your customers. 

When you use IXO Commerce's Site Search, you know you're in good company. Elasticsearch is used by businesses such as T Mobile, Audi and Adobe, all around the world. 

“I'm looking for a little bit extra”

In addition to Elasticsearch, IXO Commerce offers you plenty of tools that you can use to supercharge your Site Search.

From detailed search reporting that can tell you what's being searched for, and how often, all the way up to searchandising the results, IXO Commerce has the tools you need to succeed.

When your customers need a little prompting, set up Search Suggestions, and if you're seeing mistakes, or if you just want to guarantee that they land on a specific page, use Search Overrides.

Our core B2C eCommerce platform
Our core B2C eCommerce platform

Enterprise level eCommerce, tailored for each client by our team of dedicated developers. XTRO eCommerce features a comprehensive suite of leading edge features, including personalisation and intelligent merchandising to drive performance and deliver higher levels of user engagement and conversions.

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