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Everything we do, from development to customer service, we do in Britain.

That's why we're proud to announce a new partnership with the Made in Britain campaign. They only work with the best companies, and those who can proudly say that their products are made, in their entirety, in the UK.

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Most software isn't domestic

The big names all come from the other side of the world; we're sure you can name any number of them. Even within the ERP and eCommerce industries, it's a struggle to find software that is made outside of North America. Magento was founded in Silicon Valley, Shopify is Canadian and WooCommerce was built in California. Microsoft Dynamics and Demandware follow the same pattern.

These enormous multinationals now have arms in every corner of the globe. Development and customer care are outsourced. Even if you find a local agency, the ones with the true knowledge of the platform, the developers with the real power and ability to make the changes you need, are thousands of miles away.

World-beating eCommerce software isn't typically made in Britain; we're the exception

Just a quick look at their website shows just how few software products are built domestically. That's why our home grown technology leaps out from the crowd.

You'll find plenty of agencies building websites in the UK, but they always use third party software platforms, with all of the problems they entail. That's why we work differently; we wanted control over our product so that we can properly support and work with our clients.

We've built our own omnicommerce platform over years, building on two decades of experience for hundreds of clients. We've responded to real needs and built something that is truly fit for purpose, serving everything from eCommerce and EPoS to business systems and stock management, as well as everything in between.

What's best is that because we have this level of control, we can use our platform for the role it's designed to fulfill. That means that whether our clients are selling in a B2C environment, working with trade to process B2B orders, or brands selling Direct to Consumer, our platform can handle their needs. 

Made in Britain means Supported in Britain

Unlike a lot of companies, we don't outsource any element of our business; every aspect of our relationship with you is managed in the same place.

That means that we're not just a phone call away. We're just up the road. John O Groats to Lands End is 874 miles; we guarantee that we're closer to you than that!

Working with Iconography means not having to deal with international support calls, not having to struggle with time zones and not having to spend hours struggling to get through to an actual human being. Instead, your dedicated Account Manager will always be available.

That feels the way everything should work.