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Although it's hard, eCommerce remains a viable option in these difficult circumstances.

Business as usual is not currently headline news and not many are suggesting that it’s easy to keep going. With the news so gloomy it’s difficult to see a positive end to a crisis that is impacting retailers across the globe.  

Still, some people are doing well (Google searches for 'DIY', 'alcohol' and 'exercise equipment' are all up). 

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“It's like Christmas - there are so many parcels in my van!”
- Our local postman

People are bored, stuck and home, with easy access to the internet and their credit cards.

The safety of you and your employees is paramount, but with the right communication, you'll find that your customers are incredibly understanding. So long as they know what to expect, they will keep purchasing. 

If you are unable to fulfil online orders due to staff shortages, depot or shop closures or simply due to safety, you may wish to consider the below options:

Deferred Payments

Automatically defer payment until you mark an order as despatched. This is reassuring as you won't charge until the order is fulfilled.


For larger items, why not take a deposit, and then request full payment prior to delivery?

Lead Times

Be up front with your customers and increase your lead times. These will be reflected on the site in clear messaging to all visitors. 

Keep in Contact

Creating newsletters and encouraging sales with trackable discount codes gives you that important data for reviewing the effects of Covid-19

But I don't sell online!

If you've shut the shop, but you still want to do business, now might be a great time to go eCommerce.

If you already have a website, you've already done a lot of the hard work. No matter your current position, it's likely that we can have you up and selling remarkably quickly. From payment gateways to product content, we know exactly what we're doing.

If you're interested, just get in touch!

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