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Although some people are doing quite well out of the current crisis, others are finding their (home) offices curiously quiet. Whether your suppliers are out of stock, or you've had to shut your physical stores, time spent on your website will yield long term results.

For many people work on search engine optimisation and the customer journey falls to the bottom of the list. The essential day to day running of a business simply gets in the way. That's why this is a fantastic opportunity to review and revise your online strategy.

Simple jobs, quick wins

Customer Journey

Take time to learn your customer journey; make sure your pages are simple, attractive and intuitive. Build landing pages and add banners. 

Duplicate Content

Google hates it, so export a product file and look for duplicate content (especially product descriptions). Get in touch if you need some help!

Missing Images

Use the missing images report in your CMS to pick out any products without a product shot. Just be consistent in your use of lifestyle/cut out photos. 

Meta Data

Spend some time considering custom Meta Titles and Descriptions for key products and pages. You'll be rewarded!

Stuck for Ideas?

We wrote a guide to SEO copy writing. If you need some ideas, just take a look!

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