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Looking after your websystem

Once your site is live, we will help you keep the site in great shape. We'll make tweaks, changes and provide training, all as part of your monthly hosting package!

Maintenance Time

Each month, we provide Maintenance Time to our clients. If a job is too big, it might become a Project but we’re really flexible with our Maintenance packages; we always want the best for our clients.  We'll stay in regular contact too, so you'll be able to make the most of your time.

Your website will have been built to the current best practices, recommendations and API guides, but you need to use your Maintenance Time to keep it in tip top shape. Whether you need to move a button, or update a Google Shopping feed, this is how you get it done. We've put a few examples below:

Maintaining best practice

  • Updates following changing SEO rules
  • Tweaking page designs and UX/UI
  • Upkeep to 3rd party integrations

Growing success

  • Adding new functionality to the site
  • Bulk updates (to save you time)
  • Provide detailed training

We can do a lot with Maintenance Time, but we can't do everything. If you're not sure, take a look at this checklist:


  • Make small changes to your site's functionality
  • Get some support from Iconography
  • Change the way your website looks

Not Maintenance

  • Support for any third party software
  • SEO/PPC management/support
  • On site training

If you want something that isn't covered by Maintenance, never fear. We'll always try to help, whether it's by talking to you about Agency+ or by opening a Project. 


Not every job can be done in your Maintenance Time; sometimes you’ll want something that is a bit bigger. Anything that takes more time than you have remaining for any given month might become a Project.

A Project is an agreement to do additional work to the site, for a fixed fee and typically includes either:


  • An integration from an approved partner
  • Major changes to an existing software link
  • Research into a brand new integration

Major changes

We will never do any work outside of your Maintenance Time without prior authorisation. We will always provide a quote and will ask for confirmation by email or in writing before starting any work. That means you'll never get an unexpected bill from us!

Bug Fixing

In addition to Maintenance Time, Iconography will spend time each month to address any bugs with your site. These bug fixes do not take away from your Maintenance Time, and will never cost you a penny! If there’s a problem, we’ll fix it.

Of course, the trick is knowing if you’ve found a bug or if you need to spend some of your Maintenance Time on a new feature. To give you some clarity,  here's a little guide:


  • The site doesn't do something it did before
  • Does not function as per Project Specification
  • An agreed change performs incorrectly



Not Bug

  • Client omitted item from the original Spec
  • An integration breaks due to a 3rd party
  • An agreed change is no longer needed


Unused Maintenance Time does not accumulate month on month; any unused minutes are lost. You are responsible for using your Maintenance Time.

Although we will always aim to respond to tickets as soon as possible, we can not guarantee an immediate response. You should always aim to give us a week's notice of any requests.

Maintenance requests placed too close to the end of the month may not be fulfilled and unused maintenance time will be lost, so the earlier, the better!