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How to Look After Your Brand New Website

Once your site is live, Iconography will look after your site for you. We'll help with tweaks, changes and training, all as part of your monthly hosting package!

Maintenance Time

Each month, we provide Maintenance Time to each client. This varies from website to website, but is typically 120 minutes a month.* If a job is too big, it might become a project. We’re really flexible with our Maintenance package, which is why it’s so useful. Amongst other things, we commonly:

  • Design and make banners for websites
  • Provide detailed telephone training
  • Add snippets to the website for eCommerce tracking and Google Tag Manager
  • Add new functionality to the site

If in doubt, there’s a simple test. If you need something doing, and answer yes to any of these questions, then we’ll look at it as part of your Maintenance Time.

  • Do you need the website to do something it doesn’t currently do?
  • Do you need someone to show you how to use the site?
  • Do you want to change the way your website looks?

Now, there are some things that we won’t do under maintenance:

  • On site training
  • Provide support for any third party software
  • Log in to any third party software (We do offer support for AdWords, Analytics and Bing under our Agency Plus program)

*Unused Maintenance Time does not accumulate month on month; any unused minutes are lost. You are responsible for using your Maintenance Time.


Not every job can be done in your Maintenance Time; sometimes you’ll want something that is a bit bigger. Anything that takes more time that you have remaining for any given month might become a Project.

A Project is an agreement to do additional work to the site, for a fixed fee and typically includes:

We will always provide a quote and will ask for confirmation by email or in writing before starting any work. You will never be sent an invoice.

Bug Fixing

In addition to Maintenance Time, Iconography will spend time each month to address any bugs with your site. These bug fixes do not take away from your Maintenance Time, and will never cost you a penny! If there’s a problem, we’ll fix it.*

If you’re wondering whether you’ve found a bug, there’s another test for you! If you can answer yes to any of these then it’s likely a bug.

  • Has the site stopped doing something it should be doing?
  • Does the site fail to do something outlined in the project specification?
  • Does an agreed change perform incorrectly?

*In the event of any disagreement over the definition of an issue, Iconography will have the final say.