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"We've built a strong relationship with Iconography" - Cookes


We’ve built a fresh modern enterprise eCommerce website that conveys the look and feel of the Cookes retail space. The new website looks fantastic, is feature-rich and based on the latest version of our Iconography eCommerce platform.

Below are a couple of aspects of the project that we feel may be relevant to other leading independent furniture retailers.

  • Website Renewal Website Renewal
  • Complex ProductsComplex Products

Bespoke Appointment Booking Service

We created a bespoke appointment booking service for their websites, which allows Cookes customers to book a time slot on a specific day and store of their choice. This supports Cookes to give their customers a VIP experience, with a full interior design service covering everything from wall colours to accent cushion colours.

Swan Retail System

Swan Retail is a commonly used retail software for the furniture industry. Over the years we have built a close relationship with Swan, being one of the few eCommerce agencies to provide a successful integration to their software.

The integration with Swan allows Cookes to update product details (including pricing and images) in the Swan software, which is then pulled through to the website. This means that they only have to update a single location with product details, which dramatically reduces time and risk of any manual errors.

Swan Retail Systems Logo

Swatch Wizard

We know that product merchandising can cause furniture retailers distress, therefore we created our Swatch Wizard. It streamlines complex products by consolidating multiple sizes, fabric swatches and feet options.

For example, a sofa may come in three sizes, with each size having over ten different fabric variants and then a third option for the wood colour for the feet.

Our innovative Swatch Wizard declutters complex product pages enabling consumers to purchase with ease via a sleek interface that increases conversion rates.

Iconography Swatch Wizard

“Our latest Iconography eCommerce website has a vast array of features; we are thrilled with the outcome”
- Hayley Allen, Cookes