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Over the years, Amazon has grown from strength to strength. Originally, they were an eCommerce marketplace, but now they have increased their offering and added a multitude of additional services to their portfolio, including; fulfilment options, Amazon Web Services (Cloud computing services) and Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay was introduced to the UK in June 2017, to compete with the likes of PayPal Express. Once Amazon Pay has been applied to your website, it allows your customers to pay using their Amazon account. No longer will your customers have to hunt around for a physical bank card and manually enter their details to make a payment.

Pulling information from their Amazon account means that the customer doesn’t have to enter billing and delivery addresses, or need to create an account and password on the site, as Amazon already has these details. Eliminating these checkout barriers has a positive effect on reducing cart abandonment rates.

Amazon Pay Features:

  • Debit and credit card processing
  • On-site checkout
  • Mobile and tablet friendly checkout
  • ‘Buy Now’ button
  • 24/7 support
  • Protects merchant’s customers with Amazing A-to-Z guarantee at no additional cost
  • Fraud detection and prevention technology helps reduce bad debt
  • Validate and verify customers with a familiar and trusted login
  • Receive customer name and verified email at check-in

Amazon Pay offers various transaction types; Immediate charge, Deferred payments, Split payment, Recurring Payments, One-off purchase with subscription and refunds. This means that it’s a single payment gateway that offers a solution for many business models.

Source: Amazon Pay - YouTube

With the growing demand for a quicker and smoother purchase process for DTC and B2B websites, it's well worth looking into multiple payment gateways, to allow customers complete flexibility with their payment choice.

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