bm-steel-site-launch #B2B#LAUNCH
12th March 2024

BM Steel - Site Launch

Switching to IXO Commerce has cut their operating costs by 80%, freeing up the budget for enhanced integrations, app development and additional...
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site-launch-olbas-oil #B2B#LAUNCH
10th December 2023

Site Launch - Olbas Oil

In 2023, we won a big contract to provide GR Lanes with multiple sites for their wider group; of all of them, this may be the one that our team...
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the-best-features-for-b2b-ecommerce-success #B2B#STRATEGY
5th September 2023

The best features for B2B eCommerce success

Research from Gartner and others shows that 2020 was a watershed year, with nearly half of all B2B buyers preferring self-service eCommerce purchasing....
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site-launch-arada-stoves #B2B#LAUNCH
1st July 2023

Site Launch - Arada Stoves

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the-growing-case-for-effective-b2b-ecommerce #B2B#NEWS
26th April 2023

The growing case for effective B2B eCommerce

There is now a significant body of research work out there, published by leading consultancies such as McKinsey, which highlight the opportunities...
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martec-international-site-launch #B2B#LAUNCH
20th February 2023

Martec International - Site Launch

Martec International sell something a little off the beaten track. This isn't about flashy consumer goods, or complex made to order items...
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silver-award-best-b2b-website-launch #IXOCOMMERCE#B2B#NEWS#AWARDS
23rd September 2022

Silver Award - Best B2B Website Launch

Tanks Direct is just one of a family of websites that we have built for Kingspan, and we're not slowing down yet. We're looking forward...
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tanks-direct-site-launch #B2B#LAUNCH
11th June 2022

Tanks Direct - Site Launch

Tanks Direct is one of four B2B and B2C eCommerce sites we have provided for the Kingspan Group. This site was built with the Water &...
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how-to-approach-direct-to-consumer #B2B#ECOMMERCE#STRATEGY
4th March 2022

How to approach Direct to Consumer

Essentially, selling direct to the consumer means “cutting out” the middleman, although a smart D2C strategy will not cut them...
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the-importance-of-b2b-ecommerce #B2B#STRATEGY
2nd November 2021

The importance of B2B eCommerce

On the positive side there’s more opportunities to attract new customers. On the downside it also means there's a greater risk that existing...
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fuel-tank-shop-site-launch #B2B#LAUNCH
31st August 2021

Fuel Tank Shop - Site Launch

Fuel Tank Shop is part of the larger Kingspan group. We've worked with them since 2015 and and over that period we've completed multiple...
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b2b-ecommerce-and-erp-integration-challenges #B2B#ECOMMERCE#STRATEGY
24th August 2021

B2B eCommerce and ERP integration challenges

Integrating an ERP system with your eCommerce website is a significant challenge, because it will cost you money and represent a critical investment...
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