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Payment Gateways

Every eCommerce website needs a payment gateway. We already work with many providers; these pre-existing integrations give you a whole load of great options when you're looking to set things up.

Online Payment Gateways

All of our IXO Commerce websites link to a single Payment Gateway as standard; this will have been included in our base quote. It's quite common to use multiple gateways on one site. If you'd like to add a new gateway, or change your existing one, please contact the office by emailing the Support Desk.

Please note that Sage Pay has rebranded as Opayo by Elavon.

Payment Aggregators

We are often asked about Apple Pay and Google Pay. Integration with these services is possible, but is typically done through a third party payment aggregator. These services typically allow for payments to be taken through multiple payment methods, providing a greater choice to the customer.

The examples below allow for payments to be taken by traditional credit or debit cards, as well as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon Pay.

Finance Providers

A button will sit at your checkout, just next to your normal payment gateway. From there, customers simply need to run through a fully automated application process. All data is protected by End to End encryption, and the systems are fully secured. They fill in their details, and your provider does the rest. When their application is accepted, the deposit is taken, and your website will mark the order as paid.

In Store Payments for OMNIS

When you're using our award winning EPoS system, you can integrate payments with a physical card reader. These PDQ machines connect via the cloud to download the order details, take and validate payment, before notifying IXO Commerce of a successful transaction.

The Small Print

It is your responsibility to choose the correct Payment Gateway for you. Each will have their own set of charges and fees; we recommend that you contact a few for comparisons. Setting up a new Payment Gateway typically takes 4-6 weeks; you will also need to make sure that you have a compatible Merchant Account.