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Using the Support Portal

To make your life easier, we've put together some handy tips on using our Support Portal

The Support Portal lets you easily manage tickets. Whether you've requested a change or reported a bug, all progress will be recorded here. You can log in for updates, or simply wait for email notifications. 

When you log into the support portal, you're shown your open tickets. It's really easy to see the latest on each one. Don't forget that anything 'Awaiting Response' needs your attention before we can continue working! On the right-hand side, you can keep track of your maintenance use, and see how much you've used historically as well. If you've reached your allowance for the current month, the box will be red!

Opening a Ticket

Tickets are how we work. Every time you need to raise something with us, just open a ticket. Then, you'll receive notifications as we work on it, and you can add your own comments and replies too, all in one place. To open a new ticket, you need to look for this button:


Simply press it and follow the instructions (remember, examples are always helpful). Once the ticket is open, you can also add attachments, like spreadsheets and images; simply go into the ticket and look for the 'Attach File' button. 

Things to Remember

The Perfect Ticket

  • Clear examples let us resolve things quickly
  • Uploading screenshots can really help
  • Call us to resolve confusion

Chasing Tickets

  • Never open a new ticket for an old issue
  • You can email your Account Manager
  • Ring the office and quote the ticket number

Prioritising Requests

  • Give us a deadline if possible
  • Provide as much advance notice as possible
  • Not every ticket is 'Urgent'

Out of Hours

  • Open a ticket at any time, anywhere
  • We know whenever a ticket is opened
  • Only business critical* tickets will be actioned


We commit to an initial response to all tickets within two working days. Actual response time is often much faster, and most tickets will actually be resolved quite quickly. However, do be aware that larger, more complex, complex tickets can take longer and that it's not uncommon for some requests to take weeks to complete.

You should also be aware of our maintenance guidelines when opening any ticket. Please keep in mind the size of your request, as well as looking at how much maintenance you have left for the month. 


We define 'Business Critical' as something being of fundamental importance to the working of the website, typically something that prevents orders being placed or fulfilled.