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What does Magento 1 End of Life mean and what should you do about it?

Magento have announced that they will discontinue their support for the Magento 1 platform. After June 2020, if you are using any version of Magento 1, it will no longer receive security patches, which will leave retailers, like you, open to potential hacks and security breaches.

Magento 1.x Community Edition

Release Release Date End of Support
Community Edition 1.7 April 2012 June 2020
Community Edition 1.8 September 2013 June 2020
Community Edition 1.9 May 2014 June 2020

Magento 1.x Enterprise Edition

Release Release Date End of Support
Enterprise Edition 1.12 April 2012 June 2020
Enterprise Edition 1.13 October 2013 June 2020
Enterprise Edition 1.14 June 2014 June 2020

I’m currently using Magento 1, what should
I do now?

Don’t panic! This is an opportunity to upgrade your website and make those changes you have been meaning to do. You’ve got a year to re-platform (upgrading to Magento 2 or migrating to a new platform), so it’s best to start creating an action plan now.

However, moving to Magneto 2 isn’t a simple process. You won’t be able to pick up your current website and just move it over, so you will have to start from scratch. Would migrating to a new platform be the best solution for you?


  • Customisable – able to build your site to how you require (depending on your Magento developer’s knowledge).
  • Multi-store configuration – the ability to sell internationally, create a wholesale or outlet store.


  • Integrations – plenty of modules to choose from (be aware that there will be additional costs to factor in).
  • Community – As an open source platform, there are many developers who can support you.


  • Price – Enterprise Edition costs more than £17,000 a year, plus hosting, design and development (either in house or via an agency). Extensions and modules are on top of that again!
  • Maintenance cost – Bugs will occur, and regular patch security updates are needed, which will take additional developer time to fix.


  • Open source – The platform is open to all, which means hackers are more likely to target you, as there are many Magento users.
  • Performance – There have been many performance issues with Magento 2. The new platform is very different from the original, and there is a lot to get used too.

Are you having doubts about keeping with the Magento platform?

Why not consider an alternative. We wrote a short blog on choosing the right platform for you.
Have a read of the benefits of migrating to Iconography eCommerce:

Our platform is highly customisable - as we built the platform, our team of developers can change it to suit each of our client’s requirements, making it totally tailored to you.

We support a huge amount of integrations – we have vast experience with integrating with a number of third parties, from marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay to accounting systems such as Sage and Xero.

We have our own in-house team of developers based in the UK – migrating to Iconography, you have the use of a dedicated team of developers. As they know the platform inside out, we can assist you with all your requirements.

Your own dedicated Account Manager - they will help guide you through the build process and give you advice along the way. They will never recommend something that wouldn’t suit your business needs.

We charge a fair price - our prices vary depending on the scale of the project. If you need bespoke features, we will always scope a project beforehand and are clear on pricing prior to implementation.
No hidden fees or cheeky small print.

Our hosting & maintenance package – we’ve made it easy for our clients and offer a hosting & maintenance package. A monthly fee that's adjustable depending on your needs. Whether you need one hour or sixty, we have you covered.

We’ve got you covered with our omnicommerce solution – we know that online retailers are now looking at opening physical stores and grow their business, this can be costly. We have solved this problem and offer an omnicommerce retail solution with Iconography Instore.

We create multi-stores – the platform can run multiple stores from a single CMS. Our client Tripp has several websites for specific countries. We also cater for trade (B2B), either trade specific accounts, that show different pricing to retail, or a separate website solely for trade.

How long do I have?

We normally suggest that a build takes approximately 12 weeks, from initial brief to the website going live, so you will want to have made your decision ideally by the end of February 2020 at the very latest.

I'd like Iconography to help me!

We’ve been developing websites since 1997, so you will be in safe hands for your Magento migration.
Iconography eCommerce is an enterprise level platform, which is tailorable to our client’s needs. Our clients range from leading international footwear brand ECCO Shoes in the UK, to smaller niche businesses such as Lanka Kade who sell fair trade toys.


Our platform is flexible to your requirements, so why not get in contact today and see how we can support you and your business.