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responsive-websites #B2B#ECOMMERCE#STRATEGY
24th January 2017

Responsive Websites

In a nutshell a responsive website is one website which ‘presents’ itself in an optimal way for the website user. Regardless of whether...
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international-and-global-ecommerce #ECOMMERCE#NEWS
25th November 2016

International and Global eCommerce

International and Global eCommerce - the opportunities for those who get it right are huge. Lots and lots of impressive statistics which all...
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1st September 2016

Merchant Center

Once again, they've announced some updates to Merchant Center. These won't be taking effect until a little later in the year, but we wanted to...
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barcodes-have-come-to-merchant-center #ECOMMERCE#GOOGLE
16th May 2016

Barcodes Have Come to Merchant Center

So, what's a GTIN? It's really very simple; it's a barcode and Google wants you to have one for every product in their feed. This isn't new as...
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get-a-boost-from-pokemon-go #NEWS
5th May 2016

Get a boost from Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is enormous, everpresent. If you live or work in a city, you won't have missed the crowds hunting Squirtles and Eevees. In...
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google-vs-the-future #ECOMMERCE#NEWS#GOOGLE
4th February 2016

Google vs. The Future

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