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how-to-combine-online-and-instore-loyalty-schemes #ECOMMERCE#INSTORE#UNIFIEDCOMMERCE#FEATURE
27th July 2020

How to combine online and instore loyalty schemes

For omnichannel retailers customer loyalty schemes pose an obvious challenge, how to integrate online and instore loyalty schemes. Retailers...
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are-your-customers-receiving-your-emails #STRATEGY
8th July 2020

Are your customers receiving your emails?

All email clients have inbuilt spam filters; whether you're using Gmail, Office365 or Yahoo Mail, they will be blocking and filtering incoming...
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24th June 2020

Unified Commerce

Retailers today often have a complex network of software and systems; eCommerce, EPoS, CRM and Retail Management Systems are just a few that...
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9th June 2020

And So To Bed

In the dreary days of January 2019, we connected with the new Head of eCommerce and Marketing at the luxury bed and bedroom furniture retailer...
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reopening-in-the-pandemic #NEWS#STRATEGY
2nd June 2020

Reopening in the Pandemic

'Contactless' is the word you hear most these days; contactless payments and delivery are becoming normal. For your in store customers, though,...
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20th May 2020

Facebook Shops

Facebook's marketing is tapping into the current crisis. Their message is all about enabling small businesses to stay connected and make sales...
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made-in-britain #NEWS#IXOCOMMERCE
13th May 2020

Made In Britain

Everything we do, from development to customer service, we do in Britain.
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google-ad-credits-in-2020 #ECOMMERCE#NEWS#GOOGLE
28th April 2020

Google Ad Credits in 2020

It's rare that anyone gives away money, but SMBs that have previously advertised with them will be getting Google Ads credits from the end of...
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spring-cleaning #ECOMMERCE#STRATEGY
8th April 2020

Spring Cleaning

Although some people are doing quite well out of the current crisis, others are finding their (home) offices curiously quiet. Whether your suppliers...
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selling-in-a-crisis #STRATEGY#MARKETING
31st March 2020

Selling in a Crisis

Business as usual is not currently headline news and not many are suggesting that it’s easy to keep going. With the news so gloomy it’s...
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keep-calm-carry-on-through-covid-19 #STRATEGY#MARKETING
25th March 2020

Keep Calm & Carry on, through COVID-19

Over the last few days, the Corona virus has posed many unnerving challenges for retailers, both in store and online. With temporary closures...
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iconography-stays-open-through-covid-19 #NEWS
18th March 2020

Iconography stays open through COVID-19

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is the word of the day, but we wanted to reassure you that Iconography will remain up and running. For now, it is still...
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