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google-algorithm-update-may-2021 #NEWS#MARKETING#GOOGLE
9th March 2021

Google Algorithm Update May 2021

How confident are you feeling about your website? Over recent years, Google has proven again and again that they have the power to influence...
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the-past-present-and-future-of-furniture-ecommerce #ECOMMERCE#NEWS
3rd March 2021

The past, present and future of furniture eCommerce

Starting with eCommerce generally, this graph shows how UK internet sales gradually evolved over the past fifteen years. Notice the steady increase...
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choosing-new-rms-software #UNIFIEDCOMMERCE#STRATEGY
2nd March 2021

Choosing new RMS software

If you are looking to evolve your retail management software (RMS) so that you can more effectively exploit the opportunities of effective omnichannel...
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standing-up-for-british-retail #NEWS
5th February 2021

Standing up for British retail

Surprising as it may seem, there's a serious productivity gap in the UK. This means in some areas, we lag behind other industrialised countries....
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export-module-by-iconography #B2B#ECOMMERCE#INSTORE#FEATURE
20th January 2021

Export Module by Iconography

As a result of leaving the European Union, retailers have new challenges and implications to deal with when trading internationally. This will...
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13th January 2021

Warehouse management systems 101

Warehouse management systems continue to evolve and the stock management software components of multifunctional and unified retail management...
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e-zbiorniki-site-launch #B2B#LAUNCH
1st January 2021

e-zbiorniki - Site Launch

Having proven that we could handle both domestic and international eCommerce, Kingspan set us a new task; a high performing eCommerce site, delivered...
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a-modern-enterprise-ecommerce-platform #ECOMMERCE#NEWS
2nd December 2020

A modern, enterprise eCommerce platform

The eCommerce element of a Unified Commerce platform must be fit for the 2020s. This is vital for retailers as the expected impact of the pandemic...
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4th November 2020

What is omnichannel retail?

The way that consumers shop has changed. The eCommerce explosion has created a vastly different retail landscape, unrecognisable to that of even...
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why-system-integrations-are-killing-retailers #UNIFIEDCOMMERCE#STRATEGY
26th October 2020

Why system integrations are killing retailers

If you’re a retailer with online and offline channels, you’re likely running a mix of different retail software solutions. eCommerce,...
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streamline-purchase-order-creation-with-automation #UNIFIEDCOMMERCE#FEATURE
19th October 2020

Streamline purchase order creation with automation

For many retailers, the process of raising purchase orders can be manual and time-consuming. It can often be made even more difficult by having...
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10-retail-kpi-metrics-your-rms-should-be-providing #UNIFIEDCOMMERCE#STRATEGY
13th October 2020

10 retail KPI metrics your RMS should be providing

In the increasingly disrupted and competitive world of retail, it’s more important than ever to collect and analyse the right information...
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